Cell phone repair in Schaumburg

Cell Phone Repair in Schaumburg

Zombie Techs is Schaumburg’s highest rated cell phone repair in Schaumburg. Featuring a wide variety of serviceable cell phones, we carry parts for over 20 different cell phones serviceable at our store location in Schaumburg. Located next to Harper College and Drink Nightclub, we specialize in same day repairs, especially concerning iPhones and Samsung phones. Are you suffering from power button or charging issues with your phone? We have all the tools to perform the electric repair work to get your phone back up and running, and all services are guaranteed. Broken lcd or glass cover? No problem, we also stock a huge inventory of glass replacements to cover your Samsung and iPhone screen repairs. Just call or stop by our store in Schaumburg for a free over the phone estimate.

The Zombie Techs center for cell phone repair in Schaumburg is equipped with tools that enable our technicians to use the most cutting edge techniques in cell phone repair and refurbishment. One of the best ways to guarantee a tough repair is putting great tools in the hands of skilled workers and putting into effect policies that help to control the outcome of repair. At Zombie Techs, we offer the best techniques for cell phone repair in the most affordable price range possible for the Schaumburg and Northwest Suburbs area. Cell phones and smartphones are typically most exposed to accidental screen damage. For this reason, Zombie Techs keeps many screens in stock for all of the most popular cell phones and smart phones on the market. One great example is the iPhone family of phones and apple products. Zombie Techs in Schaumburg has evolved to become a center for Apple repair in Schaumburg and the Northwest Suburbs. Our technicians are versed in the most up to date methods of troubleshooting and repairing broken iPhones and smartphones. More difficult to repair than iPhones, are the Samsung galaxy and Note phones. The Samsung phones are the trickiest to repair due to their construction and the high costs associated with replacement LCDs and glass. In some cases Samsung phones can be quite easy to fix and require only heat tools to separate the screen from the frame. In other cases the repairs are extremely difficult to perform and require a great amount of technical attention and physical dexterity. Zombie Techs also offers a wide variety of cell phone and smartphone related repairs in Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates. Next time you’re in need of a charging port repair on a samsung phone, call the experts at Zombie Techs cell phone repair in Schaumburg to get a quote on your next service. Zombie Techs frequently runs specials in the Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates area for checking into the store online. A check in from your smartphone could earn you as much as 10% off on repair at any given time. Call or stop by without an appointment as the center for smartphone repair in Schaumburg. Zombie Techs offers service 6 days a week for computer and smartphone repair. They even offer competitive pricing on the toughest hardware repairs in the industry. Component level repairs on macbooks, cell phones, smartphones, and more. Zombie Techs also maintains the highest ratings for computer and cell phone repair in Schaumburg. Zombie Techs also has a long history with repairing iPads, iPhones, and Macbook Pro laptops in the Schaumburg area. Having opened up in 2010, Zombie Techs has been in business for nearly 7 years up to his point. They are market tested and offer a valuable service in computer and cell phone repair to Schaumburg and the surrounding area. If you have any questions about an upcoming repair concerning a broken computer, cell phone, or smartphone, call the experts today at Zombie Techs.

cell phone repair in schaumburg

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